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Logging in with a user account is required for most of PubMan's functionalities. Without logging in, only the search function is available. If you do not have a user account, please contact your administrator.

Note for users of the Max Planck Society: In order to obtain a user account as a scientist, please contact your library.

To log in to PubMan, proceed as follows:

The username is below the header, and next to it the "Log out" button.

The areas corresponding to the user role are arranged in the navigation menu.

 Attention: If you get the message “Error during registration. Check the username and password. If you have any further problems, please contact PuRe Support .”, The login was not successful. Then either the user name or the password is wrong. In this case, enter the correct information.

 In case you forgot your login-credentials, please contact the Support-Team. Users can't reset the account or password on their own.

  Note for users of the Max Planck Society: If you do not yet have a user ID, please contact your library or the PubMan support team.