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Change password

Change password

 In case you forgot your login-credentials, please contact the Support-Team. Users can't reset the account or password on their own.


You can change the password directly in PubMan. Please proceed as follows:

  • The field for changing the password appears. Enter the new password in the "New Password" field. Repeat the password in the "Repeat password" field.

  • Click on the “Change Password” button. You will receive the system message “Password has been changed!”.

The password must comply with the MPG password policy and meet the following criteria:


- The password must consist of at least 8 characters

- It must contain at least one uppercase letter

- It must contain at least one lowercase letter

- It must contain at least one special character

- It must contain at least one number

- It must not contain a space


Changing the password in MPG.PuRe will automatically change the password of CoNE.

After password reset by the support-team or after creating a new account PuRe prompts to change the password. This password change works as follows:

1. Log in with the password provided by the support team.

2. A link will appear, please click on it.

3. You will be directed to an entry mask. Here you enter your user name, the current password and twice the desired new password.

4. After clicking on "Change password" the new data is applied and you can log in with it from now on.

5. After changing the password you are not logged in yet. Therefore, please log in with the new password.