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On the homepage of PubMan, various functions and information are displayed. The individual areas of the homepage are described below. 

No. 1: Header: The header combines the "Login", "Disclaimer", "Privacy Policy", "Help", and "Language Selection" functions. The "Help" function redirects you to MPG.PuRE Help, where you can find, for instance, the PuRe-Support contact details, the user manual, and the FAQ.

No. 2: Search Section: Here, you have access to the "Simple Search", the " Advanced Search," and "Browse".

No. 3: Information Section: Here, you can find more detailed information about MPG.PuRe.

No. 4: Recently shared publications: Newly released publications are displayed here.

No. 5: Search for publications: Here, you can search for publications in the simple search.

No. 6: PubMan tools and interfaces: Here, you can find links and descriptions to the interfaces available in PubMan.

No. 7: News from PubMan: Latest posts from the PuRe blog are displayed here.